Calendar and new home is just the start for King’s Lynn production team

New offices for Riarmato Productions off Wootton Road. Martin Strals with charity calendar 'In The Flesh'.
New offices for Riarmato Productions off Wootton Road. Martin Strals with charity calendar 'In The Flesh'.
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Creative team and filmmaking company, Riarmato Productions, have launched their 2014 calendar as their first project at their brand new Lynn headquarters.

Martin Strals and Luke Goold have been working together for six years, producing music videos, theatre, full length feature films and much more, but their latest poject has been settling into their new premises.

Mr Stals said: “There was always a dream, a dream to have a space that encapsulated everything we did and more. The foundation of Riarmato Productions a few years ago heralded the beginning of bringing these dreams to fruition.

“We wanted to be so much more than an independent company. Riarmato wanted to be at the heart of all things creative, working with the broadest and most dynamic artists within our community.”

Riarmato Productions have now moved into their new studio on Wootton Road, Lynn, a multi-faceted creative space that will provide a home for artists, teachers and practitioners alike.

Mr Strals said: “Luke has always had a leaning to early 19th century Parisian café culture, where all kinds of artists could come together under one roof and share their ideas and passions.”

To celebrate the move, the production team have been working non-stop on various projects including producing a special calendar, In The Flesh, for 2014 to highlight the beauty of the human form of both males and females.

They have also been working on instructional videos focusing on balancing body work and holistic healing giving them the opportunity to work in stunning locations across Europe, such as the Pyranees mountains in France, Amsterdam and Latvia.

Mr Strals said: “We are based in the area not only to produce our own work, but to support and nurture writers, choreographers, artists, photographers and creative minds from the broadest possible spectrum of the arts, coming together in order to share and exchange thoughts and inspiration.”

In the future, the new premises will also be housing Le Carrefour theatre company, which will produce original theatre for adults, and the King’s Lynn Youth Theatre, which consists of more than 20 of the most talented young artists.

Mr Strals said: “The future is looking bright with the installation of our state-of-the-art editing suite, with which we can process our own work as well as the work of visiting parties.

“We have invites to Northern Europe to compile creative workshops with a view to creating a full-length feature film.

“The work produced with Le Carrefour theatre company is scheduled to become a screen play and filmed in the UK in the next 12 months.”

Pleased with the success of Riarmato Productions, Martin Strals is now offering a talent management service, which already boasts several clients including stand-up comedians, masters of human bodywork, writers and musicians.

The production team will also offer exclusive Riarmato Club memberships, which will offer behind the scenes content, exclusive screenings of pre-released work, and many more features that will not be available outside the membership of the Riarmato club.

To become a member, visit the website at where details will be available soon.

For more information about Riarmato Productions, their upcoming projects, their calendar or how you can get involved, go to the website, or call 01553 277272.