West Norfolk author reveals murderous intent in novel

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A West Norfolk author has had the first in a series of four crime comedy novels published, making this the first book to be published by Lynn-based production company, Riarmato Productions.

Based on a true story from Boston, the novel is spread over four parts, and the first part, Eye For An Eye - The Husband is now on sale in both e-book and printed format.

Written by Christopher Oldfield, a former biochemicist and enzymologist who started writing and after five years had a story based loosely on a true story of a man who pays another man to murder his wife.

This crime novel is shot through with a jagged streak of black humour as it follows what happens to the man afterwards.

“A wife is for life, and not just for Christmas!” Is the pithy rebuke that drips from Victoria Beningfield’s lips whenever anyone dares suggest that there’s something amiss with her marriage. But there’s no smoke without fire and anyway she knows that it’s dead in the water even though she’s been, by her own reckoning, a good wife these past sixteen years.

Husband Malcolm is a highly successful senior sales executive for the largest supplier of agricultural machinery in the region and accordingly they enjoy an enviable lifestyle.

Yet all the comforts that marriage and a good job have to offer have never been enough for Malcolm, and two years ago he’d fallen for Emma Appleby, a temp from work, a beauty 16 years his junior.

Victoria, on finding out about the affair confronted the woman at the office, leaving her a laughing stock and humiliated.

Victoria forgives Malcolm, writing off his indiscretion as a mid-life crisis and tries to find a way to rekindle their old love, but she doesn’t know there are dark forces conspiring against her.

Christopher is now writing the sequel, In the Eye of the Beholder.Printed versions of the first edition are available from www.riarmato.co.uk, in person at Riarmato Productions Studios on Wootton Road, in Lynn, and various independent book shops. The digital form of the book can be found on www.amazon.com

Find out more about Christopher’s books at www.facebook.com/christopheroldfield