West Norfolk sci-fi team shortlisted in London film challenge

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West Norfolk horror film-making team, Bloody Cuts, have been shortlisted in the London Sci-Fi 48 hour Film Challenge after taking the opportunity to film their entry at Leziate’s Sibelco.

Directing and producing team Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton took on the challenge of creating a five-minute science-fiction film Machine Stopped Working within the time limit using a collection of Bloody Cuts team members and some new faces, including Ryan Thompson, who won their previous competition.

Anthony said: “The toughest thing about this challenge is how little planning you can do for your actual story and script, based on the requirement for it to compliment the three assets you are given as part of the challenge. We pride ourselves on our commitment to preparation, so going in cold to something like this is to say the least, terrifying.

“Luckily though, we had tooled up prior to the shoot with a wide range of props and costumes all packed into a bulging transit van. We had a crate of prop weaponry, a host of Alien prothetic appliances and a 10ft robot.”

He added: “You might recognise the mechanical automaton from the set of Dr Who, thanks to Millennium FX and the Doctor, we had a word with the ‘Time Lord’ and he brought it over in the Tardis.”

Sibelco, a quarrying firm based in Leziate, offered Bloody Cuts the use of their offices and the site for filming, with the working sand factory as a backdrop.

Anthony said: “We wanted to really push ourselves and the team so we pretty much pushed through the 48 hours with very little sleep, everyone survived, just.

“We shot the majority of the film on the Saturday, and cut camera at about 5am in the morning. We prepped those required for the second unit on Sunday, whilst the rest of the team got to work on the editing and visual effects.

“We knew as soon as the rushes were downloaded that we had something special – mutant animatronic fish, great performances, gun fights, fist fights and a 10ft robot!”

The team finished and uploaded the film with only minutes to spare and, after less than a week of submitting it, have been shortlisted for the competition, with none other than huge hit director Danny Boyle set to judge entries.

Anthony said: “We had such a great time participating in the challenge and hope to win the competition. Everyone in the team is hugely proud of what we managed to achieve in 48 hours of science fiction madness.”

You can watch the film here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJi4RyV-H90