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A Galaxy far,far away from Covid19

Few things have sustained the masses of Britain through lockdown aside from borderline alcoholism, midnight Amazon binges and streaming services.

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rpt (43998001)

After the delivery man had been been to the door, wearily handing me another brown box from Amazon, most likely containing something I didn’t need (dumpling mould kit anyone?) I would turn to the news to see the death and destruction that had become part of the 2020 landscape.

To stave off the sound of Covid in stereo I turned to a new love: Popular Disney series The Mandalorian.

Having burned through Tiger King, Ru Paul’s Drag race and about 10,000 calories I turned to outer space to get my lockdown fix.

Not being a Star Wars fan, I wasn’t expecting fireworks, until one little green alien stole my heart- ‘Grogu’ more commonly known as ‘the child’ or ‘baby yoda’.

Since the birth of Marvel’s Baby Groot has a small CGI creature caused such a stir.

Memes were created in their thousands, t-shirts printed and Christmas 2020 saw the launch of an animatronic Grogu of your very own (which I have on my bedside cabinet).

The story was gripping, if not a little classic; jaded hero travels the galaxy fighting off foes and hiding his past, like all good jaded heroes do.

He forms a bond with this little creature, after saving it’s life and becomes a metal clad pseudo father to his ward, who wields ‘the force’.

The series mixed elements of the old Star Wars by George Lucas, with new twists and turns, and more importantly a lot of screen-time for Grogu who would coo, steal food and ask a burning question for all the fans: “Who is he? Is he Yoda? Is he a relative of Yoda? Why do the dark side have a bounty on his sweet little head?”

The thing is, I formed a bond too, and now I’m pining for more.

The last episode saw Grogu taken to safety by Luke Skywalker, presumably never to be seen again and we now have to wait until December this year for the next chapter.

The charming little green thing took me to a galaxy far, far away from Covid-19, Donald Trump and awkward social distance side-steps at the supermarket.

Farewell Grogu, until we meet again. Thanks to you, I’ve totally bought into the Disney consumer wagon and will buy everything with your face on it until I am bankrupt.

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