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Lynn News Beake Speaks column on playsuits, jumpsuit and rompas

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With the hot topics of duvets, running and eating crisps covered in my column I can now go on to discuss every woman’s fashion nightmare in the summer, the humble playsuit.

I have discovered this item, also known as the jumpsuit or the rompa or maybe even the adult babygrow. I never used to wear a playsuit, mainly as the name sounds so ridiculous, as if I am about to go on a playdate to the park.

But I have discovered that the all-in-one is a must-have, a key-piece for my summer working and play-time wardrobe. I often get sent to all sorts of places with the paper to report from and have adjusted my wardrobe accordingly.

OA spring fashion.
OA spring fashion.

In my car boot I have some back-up wellingtons, an extra pair of shoes, some trainers and a pair of flip flops which cover all eventualities.

If I am sent to a farm I have the rain boots, the beach I have my flip flops and if I get the wrong address on my sat nav and end up in the wrong part of town my trainers will help me run faster. Talking of running, for those of you who are interested I went for a run the other day.

Anyhow, back to my new fashion choice, the playsuit. They are great to wear at work, when as aforementioned, if I am sent to the beach on a particularly windy day I don’t suffer any embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moments that a summer dress might present.

Jenny Beake.
Jenny Beake.

It is easy to get into, and once in, snug in the fact that it is quick and simple to put on, akin to a pair of culottes with a top attached.

Safe in this knowledge the surprise factor of needing the loo scuppers the simplicity as getting back out of the jump suit quickly is tricky. To use a gameshow analogy it would be like failing at Escape Room or getting locked in the Crystal Maze.

I have discussed the quandary with a friend who had to be rescued from a fitting room by her family member when she got trapped inside a playsuit that she couldn’t get out of.

A full-on panic occurred, having to leave the changing room to find her sister to help unzip her, fearing the security alarm may go off, be accused of stealing it, or worse just having to buy it and ask ‘can I wear it now please.’

I once read a riddle that said, if you find yourself in a room with no windows or doors, how do you get out? The answer is, the same way you got in.

And this can be appropriated to the playsuit.

Take note.

Jenny Beake

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