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Sure must be grand

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I often misplace my mobile phone in the mornings. Just as I am about to leave for work, ready and on time, I realise I can’t find my phone.

So I ring it from my home phone and search every room for my mobile, listening out for it buzzing, hoping it’s not on silent mode.

Once found, usually under the duvet after I hastily made the bed, I quickly put it into my handbag and set off.


Once safely on the bus and sitting comfortably I look at my phone and see I have a missed call and I wonder to myself, ooh who’s calling me at 8am in the morning , who could this be from.

Opening up the message in genuine bafflement, of course it’s from me.

It’s like having the attention span of a scatty inattentive gnat.

A recent advert caught my attention (when I have some) and though I am aware of the power of advertising I momentarily decided I would like to buy a Galaxy. Not the chocolate bar, though that would be delicious, but the Galaxy Flip phone.

It looks so shiny in its wrapper, not the chocolate bar, the phone, and the design seems inviting. It is Rose Gold, not the flavour, the colour and it flips in half. The only flaw is that it is not edible after all.

Going so far as to look up the phone on the t’interweb I was gobsmacked, nay shocked at the cost of this rosy golden communication device. One thousand pounds. Now I am sure prices differ and deals can be made with Travis or LaToya in the phone call centre. But £1,000 pounds?

I was genuinely shocked. No doubt that is probably actually cheaper than its top-of-the range iPhone rivals and I am not denigrating the product in any way.

I am sure it can do amazing things like call a galaxy far far away for only a weekend family rate. But in terms of monetary value I was taken aback.

Yes, it is made of aluminium, and is available in popular hues, phantom black, cream, green or lavender, complexions du jour, no doubt along with rose gold as previously mentioned and pink. Describing this is by no means a way of product fishing in the hope that I may be sent one of these beautifully shaded devices, I am not that shallow, and you are not that cynical surely.

I just know I can’t justify the cost. OK so it has mega-giggle bites of memory and storage, the split-screen doubles the fun, it can be linked to your fridge to tell you if you need milk, it has business displays. It looks good.

But can it ring itself if it is left under the duvet?

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