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King's Lynn News' charity of the year 8:56 Foundation brings attention to World Bipolar Day on birthday of Vincent Van Gough who had mental health condition

The 8:56 Foundation, the West Norfolk-based men’s wellbeing organisation, is focusing on a little-discussed topic ahead of an internationally-recognised event.

Celebrated each year on March 30, World Bipolar Day (WBD) lands on the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

More people suffer from the disorder than you would expect. In fact, people with bipolar disorder come from all walks of life, including business leaders and celebrities.

The 8:56 Foundation can assist with mental health issues (iStock image)
The 8:56 Foundation can assist with mental health issues (iStock image)

The day is designed to reduce the societal stigma associated with bipolar diseases and raise global awareness of them.

Bipolar disorder is a chronic mental health condition that mostly affects mood and can drastically alter behaviour, with maniacal and depressive periods being possible.

Between these periods someone might feel fine.

Previously known as manic depression, it is experienced by individuals differently.

It shares symptoms with cyclothymia, a condition which causes mood changes with lows and emotional highs.

Having either condition can affect areas of life, from work and school to relationships and help is at hand from the 8:56 Foundation and partner organisations.

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