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King’s Lynn Beake Speaks columnist Jenny Beake meets comedian Rich Hall for the second time

So another week comes round and already it's Fri Yay and the weekend. It seems like only a week ago that I was seeing Rich Hall at the Alive Corn Exchange.

In fact, it was, indeed last Friday and what a show it was. The American comic was on fine form and the second act was especially good with musical comedy and a great show finale involving a request for Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Before we went into the show, I noticed that Mr Hall would be signing his new book at the end of the performance.

Rich Hall, comedian and Jenny Beake, reporter, Lynn News
Rich Hall, comedian and Jenny Beake, reporter, Lynn News

So I took the opportunity to pop and chat to the merchandise seller, or merch as we say in the biz, to ask if the celeb would do a selfie.

I explained to her that I had met Rich Hall on the Tattershall Castle boat on Embankment in London when he was performing comedy there and I was meeting some friends for on-board drinks.

It is a static boat but still gives me sea sickness as it bounces around on the murky Thames.

Jenny Beake is a reporter for Lynn News and writes a weekly column Beake Speaks
Jenny Beake is a reporter for Lynn News and writes a weekly column Beake Speaks

Anyhow I spotted Rich Hall and went running after him to get a photo. I went through the kitchens, up and down stairs and cabins and eventually got my selfie.

This was about ten years ago now, but anyhow, I relayed my story to the merch lady and went in to watch the show.

It was great to be in the air con at the theatre what with the weather being so hot recently and though not full to capacity it was a good crowd of what I would call, fans.

Having watched quite a few episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix, a lot of which touches upon being addicted to technology I did find it interesting to look around and see everyone's faces lit up during the interval with their phones.

It does seem a shame that it is taking over social interaction and my ever-so-patient-partner and I do try to keep our phones off during trips out.

So many people were scrolling, hunched over in the dark just not talking to the people they were with, which I feel is a shame as it takes that buzz out of events, especially live theatre.

Anyway, there is a really nice bit in the show where Rich Hall talks about queues and how us Brits love to queue, even though we are resentful of the person in front of us, we still form an orderly queue.

Even with this in mind, at the end of the show and the promise of meeting the man himself for a potential selfie and book signing, we all queued in polite fashion.

My ever-so-patient-partner and I decided to buy the book to get it signed and, with excitement creeping in, we got closer to the man himself.

Finally the couple in front of us stopped talking to him, wow they went on and on and I said hi I'm Jenny.

Rich Hall said, yes I remember you, you chased me round the boat to get my picture with you ten years ago.

You remember I shouted.

No, he said, the merchandise lady told me just before you got to the end of the queue.

You're a journalist aren't you, he said.

And did you know that Rich Hall trained as a journalist?

You can't kid a kidder.

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