Dersingham group are a runaway success on course

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This group of Dersingham women completed a beginners’ running course last Wednesday, which was aimed at reaching out to those in rural areas.

The course, which was also to increase participation among women, was part of Alive Leisure’s annual sports development programme and saw 18 women taking part.

Dersingham village sports coordinator, Louise Rice, organised the course which was led by Bridget Plowright together with colleagues from the Lynnsport Ladybirds.

Elizabeth Nockolds, Alive Leisure Trust board member said: “There has been a marvellous response from the Dersingham area to this course. Our aim has been to encourage more women into running by creating an environment here they feel comfortable no matter what their ability or fitness levels. We hope the ladies will carry on running now either with the Ladybirds or as their own village club and perhaps aspire to enter next year’s Bespak Grand East Anglia Run.”

Another 16 women also completed another beginners’ course on Wednesday which was held at Lynnsport and they have now gone on to join the Lynnsport Ladybirds.

Further details on running in general or the Village Sports Coordinators scheme is available from Alive Sports Development on 01553 818017. Photo supplied