Film-maker Ian wraps up trilogy

LtoR, Jonathan Steith, Ian Harding, Frances Harding
LtoR, Jonathan Steith, Ian Harding, Frances Harding
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LYNN film-maker Ian Harding has become an internet sensation after turning his flat into a set.

Ian, 30, of Boudicca Court, Littleport Street, has been a lifelong fan of the popular 1980s television children’s show Number 73.

He built a replica set of the famous series in four rooms in his flat in order to film a series of new episodes he had created.

Ian used cardboard and MDF to convert the flat into the bright and colourful set, as well as roping in family and friends for starring roles.

The new film, called The Move, is 12 minutes long and tells the story of what happens to the characters Neil (played by Ian) and Kim (played by Ian’s sister Frances Harding), after their landlord decides he is going to demolish their home.

Others taking part include Jonathan Smith, who plays the part of neighbour Martin, and a puppet bird called Tweep. Director was Daniel McCabe.

“I have some sadness at this being the last tribute episode,” said Ian, the other films in the series being Anytime, Anywhere and The Roller Skates.

The films, made over the last two years, have been posted on YouTube, to critical acclaim.

Ian, who edits his own films, now hopes to persue other projects.