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King's Lynn News Beake Speaks talks Cherry Tree Farm Methwold goat yoga and internet trolls

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Goat yoga is a thing. Yes it is. It is not something that I have tried yet, but no doubt I could add it to my bucket list.

There are sessions of goat yoga running at Cherry Tree Farm in Methwold as reported in the Lynn News.

It’s a story worth checking out and one that trolls will fit into quite well, as the storyline also features goats.

TV presenter Simon Reeve visits Ingoldisthorpe Primary School, with Jenny Beake at Ingoldisthorpe Wetlands. MLNF-22MF50185
TV presenter Simon Reeve visits Ingoldisthorpe Primary School, with Jenny Beake at Ingoldisthorpe Wetlands. MLNF-22MF50185

I was trolled on a Beake Speaks column what I wrote. Not for my poor grammar (that was a quick nod to Eric and Ernie) but that my columns are not funny and that the troll and their friends laugh at me rather than with me.

To paraphrase the troll, she alluded to reading far too many Beake Speaks than she could stomach and does not care about my running, eating crisps or changing my duvet.

Internet trolls are described thus: a person who posts inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic messages in an online community, with the intention of provoking readers into displaying emotional responses or manipulating others’ perceptions.

Some of these can be applied to the particular troll message, but to give the troll the benefit of the doubt, I did take the comments constructively.

Although the technique of the praise sandwich was not used (I would definitely eat crisps with one, it sounds delicious) but straight in with a sledge hammer of criticism, I took on board the points.

I have reached a point in my life that is more enlightened to hearing criticism as well as praise, and treating each with the same respect.

You can always learn from people, trolls are good teachers. It shows me how not to behave for one thing.

Perhaps the troll had caught me on a good day, full of the vivre of life that moment, mainly because I had changed my duvet and the week was clean and crisp in its new beginning.

So I took the comments on my chinny chinny chin, to refer to another popular fairytale. I see this criticism as an aid to making me do better, to try harder and to turn it on its head as a positive rather than a negative.

Trolls are no better than bullies in real life, perhaps lashing out because they are hurt about something in their own existence.

I was called a try-hard and useless by a woman who I worked with once, in a really nasty way, and I simply stood up for myself.

Turn it on its head. I am glad the trolls laughed, even if it is at me, I can still hear them cackling.

Toga yoga is an anagram of goat yoga. Now there’s a thing.

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