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I met Chris Packham recently. Did I tell you? It was no big deal.

Yes it was and I've told everybody.

Ok, I admit I did have his poster on my bedroom wall. I was 26 at the time but, hey, it’s another person I have felt privileged to have met.

What a nice man he is, too, articulate and knowledgeable and really open about talking about autism and Asperger’s which he was diagnosed with later in his life.

The Lynn News’ charity of the year is the West Norfolk branch of the National Autistic Society and it is always inspirational, I hope, to younger people starting work and careers to find similarities and understand differences in people that we admire and who are successful, who also face these challenges.

It is important to realise that there are people who influence in a positive way who face a lot of negativity. There is a good saying that we should never underestimate how we may affect people with our words and actions.

Sometimes we easily judge in this social media age and forget how important it is to make up our own minds about a person.

I follow a guru type who says a person’s energy is the first thing that walks into the room. I believe this - our gut reactions are the best form of judgment.

This December, I will be performing in Sedgeford Village Hall which I am looking forward to.

The build up to Christmas is a time I really enjoy and a festive show where I can play some musical comedy and wear something sparkly will be fun.

I have a song that I started writing, which remains unfinished, called Top Tips. One of my bugbears is the top tips section in cheesy magazines when quite frankly the top tips really need to be in inverted commas.

One line of the song is “Top tips. Keep them to yourself, top tips leave them on the shelf, that you fashioned out of MDF and felt. And felt good for a while.”

However, I have never quite got round to writing the rest of it so a top tip would I suppose be to finish it. The joke is on me.

I have started my Christmas shopping, I am not afraid to say. It will be super organised this year with packages already being posted to avoid any queues in the post office. It is so early though that the recipients will probably forget where they put them. But my work is done and if they lose them then I can’t take the blame.

But I digress and must finish that song.

Did I tell you that I had met Chris Packham?

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