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King's Lynn news columnist asks what is the secret?

I once read a book called The Secret and by the time I had got to the end of it I had forgotten what the ‘secret’ was.

Although come to think of it, I do recall now that the ‘secret’ was to read the book again.

Clever stuff.

Jenny Beake is a reporter for Lynn News
Jenny Beake is a reporter for Lynn News

They say a secret shared is a secret halved. Sorry no, that is a problem.

A secret shared, when it is a good kind of secret, is definitely OK to pass on.

So I will share with you a secret that has been shared with me.

Don’t get too excited, I imagine you will be disappointed as to what the secret is.

I have been introduced to a whole new world of hair care.

As my old aunt used to say, long lashes like curly hair are wasted on a boy and for those of you who, like me, have a head full of unruly curls then this secret will change your life.

It changed mine and I only started it last Sunday.

My hair is naturally curly and now that I have grown it and got past that icky stage of neither short nor long I want to do more with it.

Usually I scrape it into a plait and straighten the wispy bits to give myself an aura of sophistication which, coming from Hull, simply doesn’t work.

So, first world problems alert, what do I do with my mop which seems to grow sideways rather than down and get a lot of frizz?

Well, here is the secret that will change your curly haired lifestyle for the better.

My friend introduced me to the Curly Girl Method.

It involves a box full of hair products, a t-shirt and a hair-dryer to get the most delightful head of curliness imaginable.

I had to dig out my diffuser that I have not used for circa ten years and after ordering all the necessary gels, freeze gel, setting gel, mousse, co-wash (not a clue either) conditioner and a wide- toothed comb (different to a wide -mouthed frog) I set about changing my life.

Wow, Rapunzel, slow you down there.

As much as I love going to see my hairdresser Kerry, an absolute joy, this method will save me a lot of time, and perhaps money, having my hair blow dried.

She loves my hair and its unruliness before cutting, smoothing and shaping me into someone who has ‘just stepped out of a salon’.

We have a right old time spending eight hours chatting and only a few minutes snipping.

Her birthday is right near mine and as a fellow Taurean we get on well. Most of my closest friends are bull-like. We are a nightmare in china shops.

This weekend is my birthday weekend and thus I have treated myself to a day of being at the hairdresser all day. The appointment probably only takes half an hour but we make a day of it, quaffing Nozecco while we make quips about our quiffs.

My ever so patient partner will pop in asking if I am ready and I will say ‘about 20 minutes’ when really we haven’t even washed it yet.

But anyhow, back to telling the secret.

Oh no, I’ve run out of spa.

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