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On The Beat, October 25, 2019, by Superintendent Dave Buckley

As I write this month’s article I realise yet another month has gone by and that this weekend the clocks will go back and nights will start to draw in as winter approaches.

It is this time of the year that we see young children with their parents taking to the street on the 31 st October for Halloween and going around houses trick or treating.

This can be a fun time for all involved as long those who wish to be involved and are happy for young people to call at their house trick and treating.

I would ask all of you to think before you go out knocking on doors and consider, does the person who lives in the house you are knocking at, wish to be disturbed?

Are they a person living in fear of having strangers knock on their door?

Does the family living there have anyone with special needs and crowds of people knocking on the door means they are unable to cope?

Halloween posters (19971983)
Halloween posters (19971983)

Something as simple as trick or treating could leave people living in fear and I am sure that is not what people would wish

I am not saying don’t go out trick and treating but do consider who you will call on. I have heard of an unwritten rule that some communities use and I would ask you all to think about following it.

If a house has a pumpkin or is decorated in some way then the people living at the property are probably willing to be part of Halloween and welcome trick and treaters.

However, if the property does not have any decorations or a ‘No Cold Callers’ sticker then there is a good chance they do not wish to be disturb.

If a house is displaying a poster saying ‘No Trick or Treaters’ then they definitely do not wish to be disturbed and I ask everyone to respect that families wishes.

So, this Halloween do have a good time.

Do respect your neighbours and those people who do not want to join in and do stay safe.

If anyone would like a poster stating ‘No Trick or Treaters’ or a ‘No Cold Callers’ stick please get in touch with my Community Engagement Officer PC Lee Anderton at King’s Lynn Police Station and he will be able to provide you with them. Have a good night!

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