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Love West Norfolk Day: Today’s a special day, so let’s use it

Love West Norfolk ambassador James Bagge delivers a Valentine's Day message

As someone who was born, bred and brought up in the west of the county, and where my family has stayed for some 800 years, I love West Norfolk.

So I was delighted to be asked to become the Ambassador for the Love West Norfolk campaign.

James Bagge, ambassador for Loves West Norfolk
James Bagge, ambassador for Loves West Norfolk

I cannot think of any appointment I would rather be offered, and I am thrilled to be the Ambassador for this inspiring initiative to promote our beloved West Norfolk.

The Love West Norfolk campaign was set up in 2018 to promote and celebrate West Norfolk.

Over the last two years the campaign has done this in a number of ways such as through various events, the Champions scheme which recognised individuals and organisations making a difference in West Norfolk, and quotes, case studies, and stories about why people love West Norfolk.

I was pleased to get involved early on in the campaign, sharing why I love West Norfolk, adding my voice alongside many others, including Stephen Fry, Tim Bentinck and the Bishop of Lynn.

One of the highlights of the Love West Norfolk calendar is Love West Norfolk Day, held annually on 14th February.

Today is the day when people who love West Norfolk are encouraged to shout loudly and proudly about why they love West Norfolk, using the hashtag #lovewestnorfolk on Twitter.

The campaign will be celebrating West Norfolk in different ways throughouttoday but at the heart of the day are people and organisations sharing their love for West Norfolk. Love West Norfolk Day is our chance to tell the world how much we all love our West Norfolk, its history, its people, its culture. It’s a special part of the world and one to be proud of. You can find out more and download resources from the Love West Norfolk website. www.lovewestnorfolk.co.uk

For me, there is so much that I love about West Norfolk. I love the accent, I love the people, I love the life in West Norfolk. I love the big skies; I love how the trees so adorn the horizon. It is no wonder that my family has stayed in West Norfolk for centuries, with all that it has to offer. I really do love West Norfolk and as Ambassador for Love West Norfolk, I would encourage anyone who does too to please join in on Love West Norfolk - #lovewestnorfolk – day.

Let’s share with the world all that wonderful West Norfolk has to offer. Go to www.lovewestnorfolk.co.uk Twitter: @LoveWestNorfolk Facebook: Love West Norfolk Instagram: love_west_norfolk

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