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Soldiering On: A time to remember Lee the hero

The latest column from Scotty's Little Soldiers founder Nikki Scott, Friday, July 3, 2020

It’s been rather an eventful week as I ended up in hospital and had my appendix removed!

I am recovering well at home now but wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the NHS staff who looked after me during my stay. They were amazing.

Corporal Lee Scott, who was killed in action in Afghanistan
Corporal Lee Scott, who was killed in action in Afghanistan

Next Friday will mark 11 years since my husband Lee was cruelly taken from us, when he was killed in Afghanistan on July 10, 2009.

It’s strange how sometimes it can feel like only yesterday and other days it feels like a lifetime ago, but one thing’s for sure, the pain of loss never goes.

That gut-wrenching pain can still be felt when I think of those men entering my home asking me if I was Cpl Lee Scott’s wife.

That heavy aching feeling in my chest when I remember the last time I hugged him as he walked out the door to start his tour.

Lee is missed every single day. Some days it is hard to hear his voice or picture him and other days he is as clear as if I only saw him an hour ago.

He was an incredible guy who was taken far too soon and robbed of his future.

Lee was so happy go lucky and always had a cheeky grin on his face. He was kind, honest, caring and so enthusiastic about everything.

The thing I loved most about Lee was that he seemed to carry happiness and positivity wherever he went and he had this incredible infectious laugh. If Lee was in the room, everyone would know!

Although Lee was known for being cheeky and getting up to mischief there was a serious side to him that many people didn’t get to see. He had this incredible talent for instantly knowing when I was worried about something or upset and would just simply give me a hug. I always knew Lee would make it all ok.

He was also so extremely proud to be in the Army and serve his Queen and Country.Lee used to talk about what a ‘great’ soldier he was (he oozed confidence!!!) and I would just think ‘yeah yeah Lee’ but since his death I have realised that actually he wasn’t just a ‘great’ soldier he was an outstanding one.

When Lee was killed, we were based in Tidworth, Wiltshire and I had never felt so far from home.Home to us was King’s Lynn as that’s where Lee’s dad lived and my family lived.

It’s where we met and started dating, where we had lots of friends, where we married and where I lived with our son Kai for a number of years before moving to married quarters in Tidworth.

It was tough deciding where Lee should be buried but it made sense that he would go home to rest in King’s Lynn.

I remember on the day of Lee’s funeral, sitting in the funeral car going through Gaywood and saying to Kai, who was just five, “do you know why all these people are standing on the streets Kai and why the shops are shut and there are police bikes in front of us?”

He said “No, Mummy” and I said “because your daddy is a hero.” I wanted to be sure that if he was going to remember anything from that day that it would be that his daddy was a hero.

It was at Lee’s funeral that I promised I would continue to raise the kids how we had discussed and it makes me so proud when I look at Kai and Brooke now and see how much they have already both achieved and how loving and kind hearted they both are, exactly how Lee was.

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