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Soldiering On - by Nikki Scott of Scotty's Little Soldiers

I’m feeling really excited at the moment. Finally, we can see some normality returning to our lives in the not too distant future, and I’m feeling really proud of the team at Scotty’s for working extra hard throughout this pandemic to ensure the support for our members has not only continued but developed.

As with all charities, businesses and organisations, it’s been tough, but our supporters have been incredible and I can’t thank them enough for the grants, donations and fundraising efforts that have enabled us to thrive.

The more we put into growing Scotty’s, the more bereaved Forces children and young people we can support. When the charity started back in 2010, it was just me and my family, but now we have a team of 12 people all working hard.

The Scotty's Little Soldiers team together before lockdown 2020.
The Scotty's Little Soldiers team together before lockdown 2020.

We have a core team directly supporting our members, but we also have people that help raise awareness of the charity and others who manage our supporters, which includes applying for grants, accepting donations and managing fundraising.

It’s funny how as we do more, we feel there’s even more that needs to be done. We already support hundreds of bereaved Forces children and young people but there’s still so many more we want to reach and help.

So, our plans for this year are to build the team at Scotty’s and develop further. We are really excited that we have been accepted to be involved with the government’s Kickstart scheme.

It’s a new initiative for 16–24-year-olds on Universal Credit whereby they can do a six-month work placement which is paid for by the Government.

It’s based on them working 25 hours a week and earning the national minimum wage and is a great opportunity for young people to gain really valuable experience in the workplace. I know I would have loved that kind of opportunity when I was that age.

At Scotty’s we are offering work placements in a number of roles including graphic design, fundraising, ecommerce and content creation of blogs and podcasts, so some really interesting ones there. If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested, go to www.scottyslittlesoldiers.co.uk/jobs.

Obviously for Scotty’s, as a relatively small charity, the Kickstart scheme is a great way for us to have some extra help with little cost to us, but it’s great for the individuals as well – win, win! It’s a brilliant initiative from the Government.

At Scotty’s we are a team of people who are really passionate about what we do. We all work hard and strive to achieve great things. It’s a brilliant culture to be a part of and because we all care so much, we are all trusted to take responsibility for our own work and we all have the drive to get it done.

There is no hierarchy and there is flexibility with working hours. All that’s important to us is doing our very best.

I urge anyone who thinks they might be able to add some value to Scotty’s, to get in touch. We have lots of exciting plans and we are always open to hearing ideas from others.

Hopefully, before too much longer, we will be returning to the office. We are outgrowing our office on North Lynn Industrial Estate, so we are hoping to move at some point. Obviously, finances need to be carefully managed, but watch this space. It’s a really exciting time for Scotty’s Little Soldiers.

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