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Stormy weather shows good side of community and why Greta is right

Washed Up column, by Sarah Juggins, Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The power cuts and storm damage that West Norfolk endured over the past few weeks served asa reminder that there are a lot of courageous, committed and public-minded souls out there.

From the engineers who worked so hard to make sure that the hundreds whose power was cut off was restored as quickly as possible, to the emergency services responding to calls about fallen trees, people needing assistance or collapsed buildings – the bad weather brought out the best in people.

Washed Up column, by Sarah Juggins. Picture by: Dean Macey
Washed Up column, by Sarah Juggins. Picture by: Dean Macey

Since September it seems the weather fronts have just kept coming. Most recently it has been Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis that have caused misery for millions.

All of which is why I’m throwing my hat in with Greta, Sir David and the host of people who are exhorting us to take even bigger steps to fight the climate emergency facing us.

I’m sure there are very few people in the country now who don’t recycle their waste and turn taps off in between brushing their teeth and rinsing.

But we need to do so much more and we need to do it collectively.

Supermarkets need to know that fruit in a plastic holder and then wrapped in another layer of plastic is not something we want to buy.

Magazines do not need to be wrapped in a plastic cover.

Cars and lorries do not need to sit idling while waiting to make a pick-up. We need to be brave enough to talk to the supermarket manager, the publisher and the driver to say “enough is enough’.

And we need to follow these principles at home and at work. The television does not need to blare out to the empty room, lights are not needed in every room in an office block long after the workforce has gone home.

Clothes can be mended, white goods can be repaired, food can be eaten on or just after its ‘sell-by’ date.

The floods and storms of the past six months are the final wake-up call. Talk has been about saving the planet for future generations.

I think the time has come to recognise that we have to act now and with real decisiveness to ensure there is a liveable planet for the current generation.

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