129 Norfolk pupils miss out on school place

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Year 6 pupils and their parents have finally learned where they will be attending secondary school in September.

Norfolk County Council issued letters earlier this week informing parents if their child has got into their preferred school.

A total of 7,592 pupils, which equates to 94 per cent, have been offered places at their first choice secondary school.

Up to 266 pupils received their second choice and 29 were offered their third choice. Up to 129 pupils have not been offered a space at a preferred school.

Last year 7,561 pupils, 95.4 per cent, received their first choice.

A council spokesman said: “This year’s figures are about where we expect to be. Although the percentage is slightly lower than last year, which was anticipated due to population growth, we are about 10 per cent higher than the national average and better than our geographical neighbours and the actual number of children offered their first preference has increased.

“For the 129 children who could not be offered a place at a preferred school we have been able to identify an alternative school.

“In the vast majority of cases this is to the catchment school or to an alternative less than three miles from home.

“We know the decision for parents with children in Year 6 due to transfer to secondary school is an important one and for parents who are concerned their child hasn’t gained the place they were hoping for, the county council holds waiting lists for all over-subscribed schools until December 31.

“These lists are maintained in school criteria order to ensure if a place becomes available it will be re-filled.

“In addition to this, parents have the right to appeal against refusal – details are included in the decision letters that parents should be receiving from Wednesday.

“As many schools are their own admission authority, it’s not necessarily only the county council parents should appeal to.”