800,000 health leaflets to be given to new mums thanks to Castle Acre-based campaign

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Hundreds of thousands of expectant and new parents will be made aware of a potentially fatal childhood seizure thanks to a West Norfolk charity launched in memory of little Rocco Hunter.

As of January next year, 800,000 leaflets raising awareness of febrile convulsions will be distributed in the world-famous Bounty packs thanks to funds raised for Rocco’s Legacy.

Rocco’s parents Kim and Andrew Hunter launched the charity in July just days after their two-year-old son suffered a fatal febrile convulsion – a seizure brought on by high fever – while he was asleep.

He was having an afternoon nap upstairs at his Castle Acre home, when the seizure caused him to choke on his own vomit.

Since Rocco’s death, Mr and Mrs Hunter have thrown themselves behind Rocco’s Legacy in the hope it will save lives.

And thanks to more than £12,000 being raised for the campaign in just three months, their key aim of driving awareness is becoming a reality.

With support from Lynn business DSD Colour Printers, a proportion of the money raised has paid for the 800,000 awareness leaflets to be printed.

They will be distributed for free in the Bounty packs, which are given to all expectant and new mums in the UK.

Mrs Hunter said: “Putting so much time and effort into Rocco’s Legacy has been tough, emotionally and physically at times. We push through our heartbreak to drive awareness of infant seizures, because they can be more dangerous than parents are lead to believe.

“Febrile convulsions currently affect around 1 in 20 children under the age of six, and although common and rarely life-threatening, any form of infant seizure can be serious if medical assistance is not sought when a seizure lasts more than five minutes.”

“Securing our leaflet campaign with Bounty is fantastic news,” she added. “If it helps save even one life then it will have been worth it.”

Lisa Penney, ‘spokesmum’ for Bounty, said: “For branded companies, we charge for their leaflets to be included in the Bounty packs, but for a charity such as this, putting across a vital health message, it’s the least we could do.

“It’s a pleasure to do this little thing, which we hope will make a big difference to thousands of families.

Some of the money raised for Rocco’s Legacy has also been used to purchase seizure alarms and breathing monitors for parents of children with a history of seizures.

Funds have also been donated to two other charities which help children who suffer with infant seizures and epilepsy.

Anyone wanting to make a donation to Rocco’s Legacy can visit: www.gofundme.com/zc3vd8