A Grand for Gran appeal is launched

Queen Elizabeth Hospital ANL-150320-162251001
Queen Elizabeth Hospital ANL-150320-162251001

Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital wants to bridge the generation gap to encourage young people to support a campaign to help elderly patients.

Schools, colleges, youth groups and others are needed to support a ‘Raise a Grand for Gran – and Granddad’ campaign.

As a special thank you, those who raise £1,000 will receive a framed certificate, presented by a senior hospital staff member. In addition, anyone, individuals or groups raising less than £1,000 will receive a thank-you certificate.

The new campaign follows the launch on October 31 of the ‘Excel Appeal’ – Excellence in Elderly Care to raise £50,000.

The money raised will buy:

n Digital reminiscence therapy software used to support patients living with dementia.

n Specialist adjustable recliner chairs for administering physiotherapy as well as providing comfort and relaxation for elderly patients

n Falls prevention monitoring systems used to alert nursing and medical staff to patients who are at a higher risk than normal of taking a fall.

Director of nursing, Catherine Morgan said: “We aim to provide excellent patient care and experience for every person who enters our hospital. The equipment bought will help us ensure some of our most vulnerable patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their stay.”