A lot of litters at Eau Brink

Homes needed for litters of kittens at the RSPCA Rehoming Centre in Eau Brink. ANL-150705-114556009
Homes needed for litters of kittens at the RSPCA Rehoming Centre in Eau Brink. ANL-150705-114556009
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An appeal has been launched to find new homes for three litters of kittens which are currently being cared for by animal charity volunteers.

Three adult female cats and 12 kittens are currently being looked after at the West Norfolk RSPCA’s animal rehoming centre at Eau Brink, near Tilney All Saints.

But staff fear that many more kittens will find their way to the centre over the coming weeks and months.

And they have pleaded with cat owners to take advantage of the charity’s discounted neutering programme in a bid to reduce the number of unwanted animals.

Centre manager Penny Skate said: “We need to get across to people that, while there are responsible owners who allow their cats to have kittens because they have got homes for them, we see the other side.

“People think they will find homes for them and they can’t and we have to take them in. It happens every year.”

Of the three litters recovered so far, two are of kittens who are around eight weeks old who can be rehomed immediately. Work to vaccinate them was completed yesterday.

The other kittens are newborn, meaning it will be several weeks before new homes can be found for them.

Mrs Skate said one of the groups had been found abandoned on the Fairstead estate, while another was brought to the centre because of a sudden change in family circumstances. The third was brought to the site by an RSPCA inspector this week.

A cat’s pregnancy tends to last for around nine weeks and they can breed throughout the year.

And, throughout May, the RSPCA is running a discount programme through which owners can have their cats neutered for £10, compared to the regular cost of around £40.

Mrs Skate said all vets in the area were aware of the programme, through which the remaining costs are met by the charity.

Cats can be neutered from as young as five months and Mrs Skate said that is far better than more unwanted kittens being born.

Anyone who can offer a home to any of the cats and kittens currently at the centre should phone 01553 618889 for more information.

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