A real rubbish problem in South Lynn alleyways

Rubbish at the back of Portland Place.
Rubbish at the back of Portland Place.
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Residents in South Lynn are “disgusted” by the stacks of rubbish bags which are being left in the alleyways behind their homes.

Mattresses, tables and washing machines are among the items which have been dumped in the streets in the Ouse Avenue and Portland Place areas.

One resident, Rachel Green, said the problem has been ongoing since the rules regarding bin collections changed.

“It’s disgusting – anything that nobody wants is left down that alleyway. It’s unhygienic – I’ve seen rats there. And this is happening every single week.”

She said last year, the system was changed so that the bin bags now have to be left at the front of properties, instead of the back where they used to be collected.

This rubbish is not within the binmen’s route, and so does not get collected unless the council are informed.

“The rubbish is left outside of everyone’s houses. It restricts my access to get to my garage meaning that it sometimes gets run over just so I can get my car out.

“If a bag gets split – that’s it. It’s awful, it’s just filthy.”

Ian Devereux, borough council cabinet member for environment, said: “We have been made aware of this situation and will be visiting the site to see if we can gather any evidence to identify the culprits and take any necessary action.”

He said that South Lynn is the next area on the council’s list for the focus of their ‘your waste, your responsibility campaign’.

“Once resources are available it will follow a similar format to the work we have done in North Lynn which includes providing information, door knocking, spot visits and evidence gathering,” Mr Devereux added.

“The community in that area is working with us to help improve the situation and we are pleased with how it is going.”

The council’s advice on rubbish can be found at: www.west-norfolk.gov.uk.