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A Senior Moment, by John Docker - June 27, 2017

There’s no doubt about it, tragic events in recent weeks have brought out the best of British in people.

The rush to help has been remarkable, it shows a unity I can only ever remember once before – as a kid growing up in the blitz.

But they have also brought out the worst in some who are determined to use adversity to their own advantage, scoring points at a time when we should all be pulling together.

Social media provides huge scope for ordinary folk to express themselves as never before.

The internet creates immense opportunity for unlimited information to be disseminated and there are few walks of life that remain untouched by the relentless march of technology.

When my generation looks back over the years, we tend to focus on the disadvantages rather than the benefits these developments have brought, but in truth one can only but marvel at the changes that have taken place during our lifetime.

So why is it then that the world remains in such a parlous state?

Why does starvation, depravation, abuse, inequality, water shortage and widespread disease still exists?

Why is there still open hostility between different creeds and communities based on events that have long since passed into history.

How do the most evil despots continue to survive and thrive? And why is it the gap between the haves and have-nots continues to increase?

There are many who blame all these faults on the rich and powerful, forever banging the equality drum with the earnest conviction that wealth should be shared equally.

But we all know that if it were, a handful of entrepreneurs would double their money within months, the majority would remain relatively static and a large but vociferous minority would hose it all over the fence demanding more!

We also know that neither communism or fascism works except for those at the top of the heap and the same can be said of our two main political parties.

Little in life is black or white, invariably it is a shade of grey so why on earth can’t we opt for the middle ground?

And before all you disaffected Liberals start jumping up and down, I don’t mean the sort of tweaking and tinkering offered by fringe parties, instead a genuine acceptance that both ideologies have much to offer.

Like-minded individuals prepared to adopt the best of both worlds would surely make a better job of running this country than the constant bickering and point-scoring currently poisoning our political process.

Surely it’s time for real change in politics. My generation can only look on in horror but you younger folk need to use the people power that recent events have proved you can muster. Not by violence or screaming abuse but by getting together and creating a system of government that is truly representative of the centre-ground majority.

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