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A149 cameras should long be in place, says PCC

Norfolk’s Police and Crime Commissioner has criticised the fact no speed cameras have been set up on the stretch of A149 where Prince Philip had a road accident.

Lorne Green, who lives in Snettisham, said cameras should have been installed after the Safety Camera Partnership Operation Board agreed the A149 should go into its programme of upcoming work in November 2015.

Lorne Green
Lorne Green

On the back of this, a scheme was developed and approved by the Road Casualty Reduction Partnership Board in April 2017.

However, the county council paused the scheme to look over the original data after concerns were raised by local councillors.

A spokesman for the council said within three months, the council had developed a new, improved scheme which made further recommendations to go beyond the installation of speed cameras.

The council also looked into potential junction improvements and possible speed limit changes.

General view picture of the A149 Coast Road near to the site of HRH Prince Philip's crash at the Babingley crossroads junction.
General view picture of the A149 Coast Road near to the site of HRH Prince Philip's crash at the Babingley crossroads junction.

On Friday, January 18, the county council approved the Norfolk Camera Safety Partnership scheme to install average speed cameras along the road and reduce the speed limit to 50mph on two sections of the road.

But Mr Green said the decision should have been made on “the basis of objective evidence” which was free from “any political interference”.

He added: “My concern is that after nearly three years, the cameras have not been put in place despite the approval by the appropriate body.

“How many lives would have been saved and how many accidents could have been avoided if those cameras were put in place?

“There is no place for any kind of political insults for that kind of decision or any political interference.”

The county said the new scheme also included four junction improvements schemes.

Martin Wilby, chairman of the environment, transport and development committee at the county council, said: “Local councillors knew of safety concerns raised by people who live near the A149.

“This is why, when the councillors became aware of the planned camera scheme, they were clear it should be paused to allow for a range of safety measures, in addition to safety cameras, to be swiftly considered.

“I’m pleased that the scheme, which will include speed reductions at key junctions and bring safety improvements to a much greater length of the road, will be much more effective than the original proposal.”

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