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I’m not saying that you need to pull yourself together. I’m saying that no matter how much our communications change the reality is that the start and finish of any meeting is a handshake. And a good handshake is all about the grip.

Chris Sargisson (2058240)
Chris Sargisson (2058240)

A proper handshake is defined as when the purlicue – that’s the webbing between thumb and fingers – connects. It’s important. The human body is about 65 per cent oxygen by mass; the remaining 35 percent is way more complicated and rooted in chemicals and chemical reactions. It’s 35 years since I sat my chemistry GCSE (which I failed by the way) but I can tell you that apparently one of those chemicals is a neurochemical that engenders feelings of trust and respect. And it’s released through physical contact, such as a good handshake.

Even C C Chapman who made his fortune by building ‘The Advance Guard’ , a marketing company which put all its focus and efforts into using social media and emerging technology, has been quoted as saying “Handshakes and hugs will always trump ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ ”.

Technology is an enabler, but building businesses is all about building relationships, and we still do that best when we meet face to face - and shake hands.

At the Chamber we have a mission to connect, support and give voice to every Norfolk business. We’ll do that by ensuring that they get together. By creating the opportunity to lay the foundations of good business relationships. Trust and respect.

In April we started to make that happen with a Chamber lunch in West Norfolk. Over a hundred new businesses attended. It was an opportunity for business people to meet, share ideas and connect.

It was also a chance for people to hear about Norfolk Chamber's exciting new plans to enhance its involvement, presence and service offering in West Norfolk providing better member benefits for businesses in the region.

The important thing is it was about people meeting, face to face, and releasing those feelings of respect and trust, with a good firm handshake!

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