Advice offered following increase in car break-ins around King’s Lynn

Car crime
Car crime
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Police have offered advice to members of the public after seeing an increase in car break-ins around Lynn.

A post on Lynn Police’s social media accounts said items had been removed from inside cars following break-ins.

The force offered the following advice to prevent this from happening:

- Do not leave anything on display in your car, thieves can sometimes mistake them for valuables and the damage they can do to the car to get in can be costly

- Take all your belongings with you when you leave the car. If you cannot, lock them in the boot out of sight

- CD players and stereos – remove them if you can, get them security marked and keep a note of serial numbers

- Sat navs – remove the unit and holder from the windscreen, wipe the residue circle from the screen (this could indicate to a thief you have hidden the unit in the car)

- Keep your keys safe

- Fit security devices – electronic immobiliser, mechanical immobiliser, locking wheel nuts, vehicle alarm

- Etching – have your vehicle’s registration number etched onto all glass surfaces on the vehicle

- Security marking – consider marking all valuables, especially those that you frequently take in your car. Mark them with your postcode or other unique identification

- Doors and windows – lock all doors; close all windows and the sunroof every time you leave your car, even if it is just for a few minutes

- Parking – use your garage and always lock it as well as your car

- When you park your car away from home, avoid unattended places