Agency objects to link road plan

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Environment Agency objects to King’s Lynn link road plan

The agency has registered an objection to the plans to build the route between Edward Benefer Way and Lynnsport.

The move has emerged ahead of a new consultation session on the plans, which will take place at the leisure centre today.

A letter setting out the agency’s concerns about the road, dated December 15, was published on the West Norfolk Council website this week.

In it, Emily Crook, a sustainable places planning advisor, wrote: “We wish to raise an objection due to the absence of an acceptable Flood Risk Assessment.”

She also raised concerns about fisheries and biodiversity, which she argues the plan should address, and calls for more information about drainage and anti-pollution measures.

The agency’s intervention comes amid growing opposition to the borough council’s plans to build hundreds of new homes on several areas of land in the Marsh Lane and Lynnsport areas, which would be served by the link road.

A public consultation exercise on the project has already been extended until next Friday, January 16.

And a drop-in session will be held in the Wembley Room at Lynnsport today, between 10am and 8pm.

Council leaders have said the extension was arranged following comments from some residents who had not been able to attend the initial drop-in session last month.

They have also insisted they are considering the concerns raised by objectors.

Meanwhile, campaigners who are protesting against the housing proposals are planning to hold a peaceful demonstration outside Lynnsport this evening.

They claim that more than 2,000 people have already signed petitions against the scheme.