All King’s Lynn Angling Association lakes producing well

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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By Darren Reed

The last seven days has seen good catches recorded on all the KLAA still waters, again pick of the crop has to be the inform venue Bear Lake.

Bear Lake: Another very strong week has been reported by both anglers and bailiffs, multiple catches continuing to dominate. Catches of up to 15 carp being reported in sessions.

Carp ranging from 6-11lb have been the average stamp caught, 100lb catches have again been common throughout a busy week.

Method feeder has been the main method used, but anglers have also been successful when using a cage feeder or just a straight bomb.

Corn and pellet have been the superior baits used. Casting tight to the island has been the area to find the carp feeding, margin swims has also produced well.

Queen’s Lake: Skimmers and bream are feeding strongly. This week has seen the early signs of the bigger stamp bream showing on the tip. Bream to 7lb 14oz has been recorded when using conventional style bream tactics offering double maggot on the hook. This has seen the pendulum sway away from the pellet catches that were being reported. Skimmers to 2lb have also been showing well as have the roach and rudd when targeted.

Shepherd’s Lake: Bream have been the dominant feeders over the last seven days, method feeder presenting a hard banded pellet has produced the better bream to 6lb. Carp to 16lb have been reported from carp anglers presenting boillies on a hair rig.

Tench to 3lb have also started to make an appearance, tip anglers benefiting in finding the tench and chub to 2lb whilst offering standard cage feeder set ups presenting corn on the hook.

Small pockets of roach and rudd have started to show when offering maggot as a hook bait on the pole and whip.

Ken Hill: Quality catches of roach and rudd are showing well on the pole and whip when offering pinkie and maggot as a hook bait.

Springside: Tench to 5lb, carp to 14lb have been the dominant feeders during the last week. Method feeder presenting corn on the hook has produced the bigger fish, meat on the bomb has also been very productive when fishing tight to the margins.

Roach and rudd are also showing very well when targeted. Pole, whip and waggler all produce quality silver fish catches when using maggot, pinkie, caster and bread on the hook.

Tottenhill: Another strong week at the pit has been recorded, carp between 7-11lb have been reported on carp style tactics offering pellet as a hook bait. Meat and corn has also produced quality carp on a method feeder.

Bream to 5lb have shown well on the pole line and on the waggler when fishing five inches over depth. Expander pellet, corn and meat has all been used to tempt the bream into feeding.

All methods working have been the words used from various anglers.


Bear Lake work starts on Monday to remove old platforms and replace with new swims. The lake will remain open for fishing with only half the lake being shut at a time so the work is completed safely.

The work should take approximately a week to complete. KLAA apologises in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Narborough Lakes

“Phil’s old boys” descended on the match lake for the very first time.

The facilities were perfect for the match group.

All the anglers caught and apparently even the ones caught that don’t normally catch. This was despite the broken brolleys, due to the gale force winds at 50 mph, and the odd heavy downpour.

Top rod on the day was Trevor Whip 70lb 12oz, 2nd was Bob Fitzjohn 70lb, and 3rd was Barry Fletcher 67lb 2oz.