Almost 6,000 needles given to King’s Lynn drug users

Needles found in a hydrant in Lynn
Needles found in a hydrant in Lynn
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A total of 5,810 needles have been given to drug users in Lynn during a five month period.

The Norfolk Needle Exchange, which was created as part of a public health intervention to reduce the spread of blood borne viruses, has released the figures.

Last week, the Lynn News reported that firefighters were being put at risk after drug addicts were dumping their hypodermic needles within a hydrant in Railway Road.

The scheme operates through community pharmacies and drug treatment and support agencies to provide injecting drug users with sterile needles, syringes and sharps boxes. It also provides a collection point for returned equipment, enabling its safe destruction.

A spokesman said; “Based on research conducted by the National Treatment Agency, that level of waste is sufficient to contain 6,770 returned packs which confirms that compliance with the scheme in Lynn is very high.

“We would like to credit and thank all those service users who regularly return their equipment and strongly encourage others to do the same and to contact Norfolk Recovery Partnership to access support and treatment.”