Anger as Remembrance Sunday two-minute silence disturbed by cars in King’s Lynn

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One of Remembrance Sunday’s two-minute silence services in Lynn was disturbed by drivers who were “sounding [their] horns and berating officers”, police have said.

Road closures were in place in a number of locations in the town, including by Gaywood clock and London Road, to help facilitate the services, but Lynn Police said in a post on Twitter that this behaviour “doesn’t really help”.

A tweet which was posted prior to this thanked members of the public for their patience during the road closures.

In reply to the tweet regarding the disturbance, one Twitter user said: “I was in the third car from the start of the road block and couldn’t believe those idiots beeping away a few cars behind!”

Another said: “Disrespectful, the ignorance of people #WeWillRememberThem.”

Similarly, another said: “So disgraceful that people would do this #ignorantpeople.”