Anglers report pike on Old Bedford at Salter’s Lode

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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During the last seven days again gloom has descended upon the river anglers.

Despite the gallant effort of some, hardly – if any – silvers have shown on any of the lines fished.

The only reported catches from the river anglers have been the odd jack reported from the Denver end of Ten Mile Bank.

Jacks have also been reported from the Relief Channel targeting the lures and shads that have been presented to them.

A brace of pike, one of just over 11lb and another of 10lb 4oz, has been reported from the Old Bedford at Salter’s Lode, by different anglers whilst lure fishing.

Tottenhill: Bream have been showing during catches reported over the weekend, pole anglers reaping the rewards when targeting the silvers .Mark Byford had a catch of seven bream to 4lb-plus skimmers and roach, whilst fishing on the pole line at 8m fishing maggot over a bed of ground bait.

Ian Hoddy also found another quality mixed catch of roach, skimmers and bream on the pole.

Shepherd’s Port, Bear Lake: Carp to 8lb have been on the feed again, tip anglers have benefited when alternating baits between corn and pepperami . Carp-style tactics have proved fruitful with four to five carp recorded in single sessions.

Shepherd’s Lake: Chub to nearly 2lb have been reported, when targeting the bream, sadly the bream have not shown but the chub have been the dominant feeders. Cage feeder style tactics loaded with ground bait and maggot, plus a couple of maggots on the hook have been working well for the chub.

On the positive note, milder temperatures have been forecast for the coming days.

Rain has also been forecast hopefully to give the gin clear rivers some colour bringing the fish in to feed with more confidence.

This is also giving some hope for the river anglers who have endured a torrid time of late.