Another Tilney St Lawrence woman targeted by phone scammer

Don't fall for a scam caller SUS-151222-171117001
Don't fall for a scam caller SUS-151222-171117001
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Another woman from Tilney St Lawrence has said she has been the attempted victim of telephone scammers.

Friday’s Lynn News reported that Wendy Brown had received a call from someone purporting to be from BT and threatening her with being cut-off unless she revealed her bank details.

Now Gail Mason, who lives some half-a-mile away in the village, said she had suffered exactly the same thing.

Mrs Mason, 63, said: He said that after this call I would be cut-off unless the debt was settled.

“He was very calm and polite. he was very convincing. i said what proof did I have that he was from BT and he said that he had been working for them for 20 years and that he had my name, address and telephone number – but they are in the phone book anyway.”

The man put the phone down when it became clear that he was failing to convince Mrs Mason as she told him she could tell that her direct debit had been paid.

She immediately contacted BT, the police non-emergency 101 number and the bank, who she said were all very helpful and said they would never make such a phone call.

Mrs Mason said; “From now on any unidentified calls such as this will go to BT call minder, I’m afraid.”