Appeal win after ‘unclear’ parking rules in King’s Lynn

Road markings at King's Lynn Train Station ANL-160310-164811001
Road markings at King's Lynn Train Station ANL-160310-164811001

A woman has won an appeal against a car parking ticket which she said she received only because the car park has unclear markings.

Dawn Cooper, from Clenchwarton, was slapped with a fine after she and her husband parked at Lynn’s train station car park in May last year, in a space which they believed was for the general public.

It was not until they returned from their trip to London and found a ticket on their windscreen that they became aware that the space was for staff only.

“It is very unclear as to where the staff parking is – it didn’t actually say in the bay that it was staff parking,” Mrs Cooper said.

She added that since they got the ticket, she and her husband have been back to the car park to take photos, and saw someone else’s car in the same bay with a similar parking ticket.

The car park is owned independently from the rail company who own the station, Great Northern, but Mrs Cooper said: “the staff in the station get it in the neck because of problems like this.”

“When we got our ticket we went into the station to complain and they said they’d heard from a lot of people about this, but they have nothing to do with it,” she added.

Mrs Cooper said that she believes that many other people had experienced something similar on a daily basis due to the confusion.

Adam Howard, of North Wootton, is one such person, who has said he was in a similar situation during which the charges were also dropped.

“Every time I returned from London there were parking tickets issued on vehicles in these very poorly marked spaces. This must have been going on for at least a year, and I know people who were too afraid to appeal and paid the fine. I was too stubborn and felt quite passionately about it, and was willing to go all the way with it.

“The car park has now made changes over the last few weeks and all staff parking is now clearly marked,” Mr Howard said.

He added that, despite these changes, he no longer uses this car park and makes use of a different one instead.

The car park in question, which is off of Blackfriars Road and south of the train station, is operated and maintained by car parking company Indigo Park Services Ltd.

Mrs Cooper said that she believed a different operating company owned the car park when she got the ticket last year, however.

Indigo Park Services Ltd were contacted for comment, but this had not been received by the time of going to press.