Are you in or out as Lynn News teams up with Heacham churches?

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Should we stay or should we go? It’s the biggest political decision we’ll have to make in generations and we want you to join in our EU referendum debate to find out what West Norfolk thinks.

The Lynn News has teamed up with the churches in Heacham to stage a debate on Tuesday, June 7, just 16 days before voters go to the polls.

The event will take place at the village’s St Mary’s Church, starting at 7pm.

And it will be jointly chaired by Rev Veronica Wilson, the vicar of St Mary’s, and Rev Steve Oliver, the village’s Methodist minister.

Rev Wilson said: “We all have an important decision to make and we’re very pleased to be able to host an event in which we can hear both sides of the debate and reach our own conclusion.”

Our panel will have two speakers supporting the two sides of the argument, Leave or Remain.

Representating the Remain campaign are Robert Colwell, lead volunteer for the StrongerIN campaign in West Norfolk, and Jo Rust, secretary of the North West Norfolk constituency Labour Party.

Mr Colwell said: “I have never been involved with politics before but I did not want to sit back and watch our great country destroy itself by leaving the EU.”

Opposing them will be Matthew Hannay, the North West Norfolk constituency co-ordinator for the Vote Leave campaign, and Toby Coke, the UKIP county councillor for the Gayton and Nar Valley division.

Matthew, 17, who is studying politics, law and sociology at the College of West Anglia, said: “We should not have to be dictated to by an unelected EU Commission and have our trade deals made for us.”

To submit questions for the debate, email

If you would like to attend the debate then please get in touch with the church