Artful Codger, by Roger May, October 17, 2014

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It’s not just youngsters who seem perpetually impatient – old-timers like myself can also get a bit restless when we’re waiting for things to happen.

Take the refurbishment work in Lynn’s Saturday Market Place, for example, which is supposed to be finished in time for Christmas shopping in the town and is expected to be completed by early in November, ahead of the main festive trading period.

Now I know that a lot of preparation work is necessary before you can start laying fancy paving setts, but when I strolled (or to be more accurate, tentatively picked my way) through the market place last week, there seemed to be an awfully long way to go.

No doubt the archeological finds made during the early stages of the work will have caused some delays, but surely these were to be expected and should have been added to the time estimate for the job – you don’t go digging holes in the Saturday Market Place without turning up all sorts of interesting artefacts from the town’s long and rich history.

To be fair, the new shape of the market place is beginning to become apparent and, to my eye, it does all look very promising and quite exciting – which is perhaps why I cannot wait to see the finished article.

After all, with the work on the Tuesday Market Place taking from the end of last year into the early months of 2014, plus the work currently taking place at St Nicholas Chapel, it does seem that some of the more important historic areas of the town are in constant turmoil. It must be tough for the tourist information folk, who can hardly ask punters: “Would you like to come back next year?”

Nor will it end there. After the works in the Saturday Market Place are completed, the chances are we will finally be seeing action – and upheaval – in nearby St James Street.

Now I want to see the badly-needed refurbishments take place as much as anyone else who cares for our historic heritage – it’s just a shame that the whole process is not a bit further down the road to completion of the current wish-list.

I appreciate it takes time to set funding in place for these projects and involves a lot of hard work by a lot of people, and I am sure they are as frustrated as I am at how long it all takes.

Still, on the plus side, we should see major changes completed in the Saturday Market Place area by the middle of 2015, and when the Heritage Day comes round next autumn we should hopefully have an even more magnificent display of glittering gems to show off than we did just a few weeks ago – and that is saying something.

Certainly, the memories of that action-packed Sunday – with crowds soaking up the history all over town – will linger long into the winter months and fuel anticipation for the even greater show that will be in the offing next year.

Even if St James Street and the area around it is wreathed in scaffolding by then, at least we will have the prospect of an even better town scene to savour in 2016. I shall just have to curb my impatience for the time being, and be content that we are getting there.