Artist continues his Hunstanton pebble dash

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IN May 2008 a homeless man won a drunken bet with a friend by creating the Yin Yang symbol out of a pile of stones on Brighton beach. Other sculptures soon followed and the artist, known as Dr Geebers, became a celebrity.

However, when his fame came to the attention of the authorities he was forced to move on down the coast, creating works of art out of pebbles and stones on beaches wherever he stopped.

He realised that instead of being homeless he had become a traveller and decided to complete a clockwise journey round the British coastline then write a book about his experiences, with the proceeds going to help the homeless.

This week he arrived in Hunstanton and pitched his tent on the beach just south of the Oasis where he promptly created a snake using small lumps of red and white chalk eroded from the cliffs.

“I think some art is needed here,” he said, “because this feels like an area that has seen better days.”

He said his presence on the beach had brought a mixed reaction from passers-by.

When he complained to the owners of a dog that it was peeing on his belongings, they replied that he had no right to be there.

But local resident, Graham Bland, accompanied by his son Liam, aged seven, welcomed the initiative and brought the traveller food and a pair of gloves.

Mr Bland also offered to wash his clothes and bedding.

Other residents to help Dr Geebers included Sally Knight and her family.