Artist hits out at King’s Lynn college printing cuts proposal

Lucille Carter with prints. ANL-150514-142750009
Lucille Carter with prints. ANL-150514-142750009
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An artist has criticised proposals to downsize a college department which she says could even be its most valuable asset.

The College of West Anglia is due to make a decision next week on whether to approve money-saving proposals within the printing department at its Lynn campus.

The plans, which include slashing staff hours and infrastructure costs by reducing printing machinery, is one of a number of proposals designed to help claw back a £2 million deficit in the college’s budget.

The closure of the college’s Apple Wood Children’s Nursery was another of the proposals put forward in light of funding cuts.

But, following a campaign by parents who use the facility, extra funding was secured from Norfolk County Council to ensure its long-term future.

A college spokesman said staff have now been consulted on all the other proposals, and a decision would be made “within the next week or so”.

The outcomes will then be announced on May 27.

The spokesman said proposals for the printing department include a reduction in staffing hours and a change to the current staff role, affecting one member of staff, and a reduction in the printing infrastructure “to align it to the printing requirements of the college”.

But Lynn artist Lucille Carter said it would be a “debacle” if the department was downsized in any way.

And she said if the department’s high-tech services were marketed more effectively to the public, it could be a big money-maker for the college.

The 71-year-old botantial painter, of Goodwins Road, has been using the department to print her calendars, prints and greetings cards for the past 15 years.

She said: “I am actually astounded that the college does not market this fantastic service better.

“It’s open to the general public too, but dare I say it, not many people and businesses are aware of it.

“The superior printing could be an avenue for profit for that department and indeed, assist the college’s purse strings. Can’t the governing body of this campus understand the explosive potential of this gem? It is their most valuable asset.”

She also said staff within the department were under enough pressure as it was, without being reduced further.