Artist’s solo exhibition at Ringstead

Barbara King and her "White Horses" painting
Barbara King and her "White Horses" painting
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Norfolk artist Barbara King has a current solo summer exhibition at Ringstead Village Hall, which continues until Sunday.

One of the striking paintings is “White Horses at the Gin Trap Inn” and Barbara explains: “ A few years ago, during one of my previous summer exhibitions, a Dartford and Canterbury coach and four white horses pulled in to The Gin Trap Inn, Ringstead.

“It was a wonderful site and a real treat on a quiet wet August morning. We caught the spectacle on video and I have been intending to paint these beautiful animals ever since … and at last I have done so. The video can still be seen on YouTube along with another of the King’s Morris dancing at the Gin Trap.

“This year I have also returned in part, to my fascination with boats and reflections and have worked up a number of new paintings concentrating on the reflected image and the play of light on the surface of water. To add grist to the process of creating these paintings, I put aside my oil paints and worked in acrylic. As a medium which dries quicker than oils and behaves in different ways, the experience was inspiring, creative and pushed my technique into new directions with less reliance on detail and more experiment with textures and colours.

“Also new for this year’s exhibition are a group of small still life studies of fruit, vegetables and daffodils painted in acrylic on small canvas boards mounted on bright dual coloured backgrounds of various design, chosen to compliment or contrast with the subject. Other paintings including in the show will include more animal studies and views of the Norfolk coast and countryside.”

The exhibition at Ringstead is from 10am-5pm daily until Sunday; for more information visit