B Sides win Battle of the Bands round

Battle of the Bands winners B Sides
Battle of the Bands winners B Sides
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Sunday teatime was a little different this week, as the third heat of this year’s Battle Of The Bands took place at the Downham Market Club. It promised to be a very diverse heat too, writes Jon Seymour.

Unfortunately Lewis Murphy had to pull out at the eleventh hour, so in stepped Simon Benefer, better known for his guitar and vocal duties in Jessie’s Ghost. There were a great many people who were genuinely surprised just how well Simon can sing. As for his guitar work, that was just sublime, and technically brilliant.

Sam Tasker had the second slot. He’s a singer/songwriter with a very big voice. In between songs he was a little shy and was a little hard to hear above the general chatter, but when he opened up his vocal chords, the sound was huge. There was a little break to tune his second guitar and he seemed in danger of losing the crowd, but he got them back quickly. Watch out for this guy.

East Angles Brass Band were up next. The concept of the band is original and their ambition is evident in their performance. Occasionally I found it hard to pick out a melody because there was so much going on and at times it seemed to be just noise. Overall though, they’re well worth your time to look up.

Finally it was the turn of the B Sides, a ’50s rock ‘n’ roll covers band. If there is one word to sum up their performance, it’s “fun” because that’s exactly what everyone had. Their performance was as tight and authentic as any of the original bands from the era. They put a lot of energy into it, the audience loved them and that was enough to secure them a place in the semi-final at the end of the night.