Balloons take up with anti-bullying message from King’s Lynn school

Balloons are released at Highgate Infant School to mark Anti-bullying day.
Balloons are released at Highgate Infant School to mark Anti-bullying day.
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Youngsters at a school in Lynn really let it go when they released blue balloons in support of an anti-bullying campaign.

Pupils at Highgate Infant School were joined by their parents on Friday afternoon for the release, where they wrote messages about bullying on their balloons.

Headteacher Cheryl Kirby said: “It came as a culmination of over a week spent looking at staying safe. We looked at lots of different aspects of staying safe.

“We looked at the NSPCC’s PANTS rule, internet safety, e-safety, safety within school, behaviour and bullying.”

She said the pupils were taught about how to help those who are being bullied.

Parents and children were invited into Highgate at the end of last week for the release, which saw a sea of blue balloons take to the sky to coincide with Anti-Bullying Week.

Mrs Kirby said: “All the children came with their parents, we felt it was very important to get the parents involved.”

Around 80 children from their three year groups then wrote messages on stickers to attach to the balloons before they were set free.

“We had a real range of messages. Some were quite simplistic, we had one which said ‘don’t kick’, while others were more profound. One said ‘bullying hurts everybody’,” Mrs Kirby added.

“It was very beautiful and a lovely way to share their messages about positive behaviours.”

Mrs Kirby said it was an alternative way of getting the idea across that bullying is a negative thing.

“This will hopefully take that message further and remind them to help other people,” she said.

Mrs Kirby said the balloon release was suggested by the reception class teacher Holly Clements.

She said previous balloon releases may have taken place at the school in the past, but not while any of the current students have been there.

“It was very exciting for them.”