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Barefoot Crew King's Lynn offer a way to lose the lockdown weight, without the gym membership

A Lynn man has used lockdown as platform for success by building his unique fitness business.

Oli Bell, 25 of Lynn, was once a personal trainer, but now owns his own business, Barefoot Crew.

Barefoot Crew has been going for five years, but during lockdown it has flourished and business has boomed since the gyms shut.

Mr Bell has drawn from his personal fitness journey where he taught children in India and met a man who trained him in the principles of yoga and mindful fitness.

Julie, feeling fit and fabulous after her incredible fitness journey (46325042)
Julie, feeling fit and fabulous after her incredible fitness journey (46325042)

He said: “We are dedicated to providing a service that feels different from the gym experience.

“We have yoga classes, a boot camp-style course, which takes place outside in nature and one on one coaching sessions that monitor

client's habits, nutrition and emotional support.

This provides people with the accountability to stay healthy and positive in testing times."

“I believe that the science behind mindfulness and meditation creates a higher level of motivation in my clients, as well as a personal nutrition plan linked to our app.”

Mr Bell and his colleague Reece Emsley, 20, are advertising for women clients in the Lynn area.

Barefoot Crew also caters for male clients.

Oli Bell and Reece Emsley are calling King's Lynn women to sign up for their popular course (46389014)
Oli Bell and Reece Emsley are calling King's Lynn women to sign up for their popular course (46389014)

Mr Bell said: “We’ve all put on weight during lockdown, and this kind of fitness isn’t just for vanity, there’s a huge element of wellbeing that comes with it as well. Yes, if your aim is to lose weight we can provide that, but also we aim to have happy, present focused clients.

“During the national lockdown many people have suffered from mental health issues, so we understand the importance of having mental stability and improving self esteem.”

One happy client is Julie, who lost two stone(15kg). Mr Bell tells of the health benefits that have come with her fitness journey.

He said: “Her blood pressure is better, she has improved her arthritis after doing yoga and she has come off some of her prescription medication, we at Barefoot Crew are so proud of her!”

Many people avoid going to the gym, as they feel self concious about the way they look, or struggle to operate the machinery.

Clarence Taylor,28, a factory technician from Lynn said: “Something like Barefoot would really appeal to me, as I always end up spending hundreds on the gym and never use it.

“I lose my motivation, and it’s a very sterile, clinical environment.”

Mr Bell said: “We are always there for our clients, as we believe in supporting them with their health goals.

“There isn’t always the resources to do that at the gym.”

Mr Bell told of his own personal struggle throughout lockdown, that has motivated him to build his business, as a testament to adversity creating success.

He said: “I was working out of a gym, with barely enough money to make the rent.Over the last 12 months our success has soared and we are hiring new staff and growing bigger each month. Now, I’m incredibly grateful for that as I’ve come out of the other side better- I would like to share that with others who have struggled."

To find out more or sign up go to barefootcrew.com or find them on Facebook.

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