Barroway Drove couple plan 29 challenges to remember stillborn daughter

Charlene Angel-Trueman from Barroway Drove with her daughter Evie Angel-Trueman (18 months) ANL-150204-152107009
Charlene Angel-Trueman from Barroway Drove with her daughter Evie Angel-Trueman (18 months) ANL-150204-152107009
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A couple will be honouring their stillborn daughter by raising money for two good causes by taking on 29 challenges.

Mark and Charlene Angel-Trueman had to say a heartbreaking goodbye to their daughter Isobel in February.

Charlene and Mark Angel-Trueman with daughter Isobel

Charlene and Mark Angel-Trueman with daughter Isobel

After weeks of scans had shown that Isobel had not moved, Charlene gave birth on February 9 in Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. She was at the 29 weeks stage.

Charlene said: “It is heartbreaking when you are having a baby and you know that you are not going to take that baby home.

“To go through all of that pain and realise that there is nothing you can do as she’s already gone. It’s heartbreaking.

“You expect that first cry and there is nothing. The first thing you want to do is to give them a cuddle, which we were able to do.”

The couple want to say thank you to the maternity staff at the hospital along with Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal charity by taking on 29 challenges from April 25, which would have been Isobel’s due date.

Charlene, 32, who lives in Barroway Drove with 37-year-old Mark and 18-month-old daughter Evie, said: “The hospital staff did everything in their power to make it as easy as possible for us. Our midwife and specialist were fantastic.

“Sands offer a bereavement pack which is free and helpful.”

White water rafting at Nene White Water Centre will start off the challenges.

They will also be taking on Ice Climbing at the Vertical Chill, London, obstacle mud running, aqua zorbing, skydiving, coasteering, a triathlon along with a 30 mile bike ride in Cambridgeshire.

They will also take on a swimming challenge and a zip wire, which reaches 100mph.

The challenges will finish in September when Mark, 37, and Charlene, 32, tackle Mount Kilimanjaro.

Charlene said: “When you become a parent, you have different challenges with bringing up a baby. With Isobel we are not going to have that so we are challenging ourselves in different ways in respect for her.

“We are both quite scared of heights so another challenge is a tree top course. It will be quite scary being strapped up there and looking down.

“We are both looking forward to the Kilimanjaro climb.”

The couple are now coming to terms with the loss of Isobel, who is buried at The Woodlands in Colney.

Charlene said: “Stillbirth is a bit of a taboo subject. People don’t like to talk or ask about it.

“The more you talk, the more you can get your feelings across and acknowledge they have been part of your life.”

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