Battle of the Bands heat at West Winch

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Battle of the Bands travelled to West Winch’s William Burt Social Club for the first time in its history on Sunday, and what a debut heat it was.

First up were acoustic act Decades, who got things off to a great start.

Being a newish band, they’re still developing their sound, but have a solid foundation on which to build. The set consisted of covers, with a few unusual song choices that worked very well.

Next up, travelling all the way from Newport, in Essex, were power trio Green Dolphin. Their set consisted entirely of original material, including their latest single Mr Big (from reputable outlets). With hints of Stiff Little Fingers and The Jam, to The Strokes and Blink 182, they made an interesting act.

A good covers band is always a welcome addition to the bill. Blasting through some “old standards” with prowess and power, Unit 10 delivered a solid set that gave everyone the chance to sing along, and they were very well received by all.

An all-girl, and all sisters no less, under the moniker of Pretty Ace took to the stage, and they were a completely different band from the one we saw in heat one last year.

They’ve grown in confidence and proficiency, and are only going to continue to do so, and considering their young age, the potential is huge. There was one point during the set where things went awry, so there’s still a little work to do, but the progress made in just a year is incredible.

Finally, rock duo Dog Fight took to the stage, and then left, and re-entered accompanied by an intro track, and launched into what was to become a blistering set. Considering that there’s only two of them, they produce an amazing sound.

Callum runs his guitar through both treble and bass amps, and Reuben keeps rhythm on drums, and the concept is both ingenious and effective.

Dog Fight did enough to take the win, but the judges had a heck of a job trying to separate the acts. The standard of the acts keeps on getting higher and higher.

Next: March 4 at Watlington Social Club for heat 4.