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BBC's Bargain Hunt filmed at Setch

Film makers and secret celebrities have just spent two days at Warehouse Antiques and Collectables shooting a new series of BBC's Bargain Hunt.

It is the second time the programme has filmed at the Setch antiques centre and on this visit they completed four episodes which are due to be screened from June.

Jason Clark, director at The Warehouse Antiques and Collectables, said: “We were delighted to welcome the Bargain Hunt team back. We used our new Taproom Bar and Restaurant as the ‘green room’ and even though there were strict Covid rules in place it all went very smoothly and we look forward to seeing the finished programmes which start airing in June”.

Eric Knowles filming Bargain Hunt (45924830)
Eric Knowles filming Bargain Hunt (45924830)

Filming kicked off with presenter Eric Knowles introducing the ‘Red Team’ and the ‘Blue Team’ on the shop floor.

Each team was then joined by a celebrity antique expert - whose names will not be revealed until the summer.

Bargain Hunt features two teams each with £300 and one hour to buy antiques which they have to sell at auction and try and make a profit!

The teams were spoilt for choice as the Antique Centre has over 120 exhibitors/dealers and is one of the largest in the UK.

Once the teams have purchased their antiques, the experts use the leftover money and go shopping. Their purchases are ‘bonus buys’ and then each team has to decide whether or not to take their expert’s item to auction. But there’s a catch! Just because it has been bought by an expert doesn’t mean that it’s going to make money so it’s a gamble all round.

The auction begins and the teams get to keep the difference between what they spend on an item and the hammer price at the auction house so it can become very tense indeed.

Warehouse Antiques and Collectables opened in 2017 and is looking forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday with its new Preloved Bookshop and then at the end of May when the new bar and restaurant opens.

In the meantime, the Clark family are hiring staff at the moment - https://www.beersofeurope.co.uk/news/vacancies/the-warehouse-taproom-bar-restaurant

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