Bear Lake hits form again as anglers target island

Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
Sport news from the Lynn News,, @lynnnewssport on Twitter
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The last week has seen plenty of anglers gathering on the banks off all the still waters.

Bear Lake has hit form again as it did early last year; multiple catches are becoming very regular as anglers target the island with either a method feeder or a straight bomb, whilst presenting either corn or pellet as a hookbait.

Some 13lb carp have again been recorded with an average stamp between 5-7lb. Close margin swims have also produced well when fishing short near the platforms. Roach have also been feeding strongly when fished for, both pellet and maggot on the hook has seen quality roach caught.

Queens Lake: The bigger stamp bream has started to move in on the baits that have been presented to them; strangely not the normal worm and caster, but pellet and maggot has seen bream to 7lb showing on the tip. The method feeder when presenting pellet on the hook and cage feeder presenting double red maggot on the hook has brought out the better stamp bream. Skimmers and small bream have also featured heavily in catches recorded.

Shepherd’s Lake: Carp have been the dominant feeders during the last seven days.

Carp to 14lb have shown on carp style tactics, including a large method feeder/ pva bags and stringer boilies have all seen carp show. Roach also start to show when targeted on the waggler and pole.

Springside: Tench and carp have again been the big feeders during the last week, margins swims have again been more successful than open water although the odd carp has shown. Carp to 15lb 8oz and tench to 4lb 10oz have been reported. All baits have been used with rewards. Method feeder and carp style tactics have featured strongly.

Tottenhill: Despite Sunday’s match being cancelled, prior catches were being reported from all over the lake, including a pike to 14lb being caught by an angler targeting carp when presenting a piece of luncheon meat on the hook. Carp and bream have again showed throughout the week with low double carp showing on the feeder and pole. Bream to 5lb also are showing well on virtually all methods. They are also taking a liking to the carp baits being offered. Pellet, corn, meat and boilies have all been used to attract the fish into feeding. Roach have also showed on the pole and waggler when fished for presenting maggot on the hook.

KLAA AGM: Wednesday, May 13, 7.30pm at the William Burt Centre West Winch. All current permit holders welcome to attend although they will be unable to vote.

KLAA open match: Sunday, May 10, Tottenhill. Draw on the green 8.30, fish 10am-3pm. Two keep nets are required, for carp and silvers. Silver and bronze members £10 all in, other anglers £13 all in. To book contact Ian Hoddy 07825162206.