Between The Lines, with Diane Lines, January 23, 2015

New Lynn News columnist Diane Lines
New Lynn News columnist Diane Lines
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I see that at the end of this month, the Tapping House Hospice is holding a ‘Wear Your PJ’s to Work’ fundraising event. I think this is a splendid idea – personally, I could live in my pyjamas. However, I’m not sure what local employers will think about the idea.

I suppose if you work from home it’s not a problem; perhaps you already do wear your jimjams to work every day. It could get a bit tricky, though, if you work for the police, or the fire brigade.

Somehow I don’t see a pair of tartan check or Thomas the Tank Engine (well I don’t know, do I?) PJ’s cutting the mustard when clamping the handcuffs on or shinning down the pole towards the fire engine. What about all the health and safety issues as well? Do you tuck your trousers in to the reinforced boots, or let them dangle down on the outside, thereby causing all sorts of potential hazards. For nurses, surgeons and dentists, it’s probably not too much of a problem, as their uniforms are a little pyjama-like anyway. Although I would be a tad perturbed should my doctor be wearing them.

Mind you, customers do like to get in on the act as well. I have on a couple of occasions seen people in a large supermarket in King’s Lynn wearing what looked suspiciously like their sleepwear (and as for the lady in a village shop in these parts in her pyjamas and slippers – well…) I have to confess, I am not entirely innocent myself. I have, in the past, attended a meeting at the Highgate Methodist Chapel room, clad in my pyjamas with a beige belted mac over the top, complete with white ankle socks and flat black shoes. It was dark at the time, so I only had to slip out from the car and in to the building. All I needed was a beret and I was a dead ringer for Michelle from ‘Allo Allo’!

Many professions are already represented on pyjama tops – I’m thinking firemen (yes I know ladies do it too, but I don’t know of a lady fire-fighter who appears on merchandising yet), builders, plumbers, etc. I don’t think I have yet seen anything for the good people who work in our supermarkets, although I know they are always keen to get in to fancy dress (judging from the number of bunnies, reindeer, witches and elves by whom I am served). Nor have I

ever seen a cute pair of pyjamas sporting the logo of a bank cashier sitting behind his/her reinforced glass.

Of course, should large numbers wear pyjamas to work, they could also be popping in to the supermarket, garage, dentist, etc on their way, and then it could get very difficult to identify who is the customer and who the employee. Right, I’m off to choose which pair I’m going to wear – the teddies or the doggies!