Big Eye, August 16, 2016

Pokemon Go is the latest big thing in the gaming world NNL-160715-144018001
Pokemon Go is the latest big thing in the gaming world NNL-160715-144018001
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Opinions are funny things. We all express ‘em to anyone who listens. So it is with trepidation that I have selected a few points made by columnists and our ever-present letter writers.

Within the ranks of those who forward missives to the Viewpoint page are a hard-core gang of people who are apparently hell-bent on scoring points and banging political drums ad nauseam. This is excellent and for many of us, Tuesdays and Fridays aren’t complete until the mildly tetchy outpourings have been pored over and the content has been lauded or condemned unreservedly. Whether you err to the right of Vlad the Impaler or left of Uncle Joe there’s something to get your teeth into! But one topic, regurgitated and lapped up weekly is beginning to get my goat. Gentlemen! The EU referendum is decided. It wasn’t fraudulent in its execution and BOTH sides lied like billy-o about everything from immigration to the imminence of WW3. So please, stop banging on about the cretinously ill-informed Brexiters ruining everything etc and ‘man up’…the vote was decided by a majority. We’re out! Nothing will change that so suck it up and find another soap box!

Directly above me on this page lies the Washed Up column and happy as I am to have a fellow contributor as erudite and pithy as Sarah J I can’t help but wonder sometimes how we’d get on at a dinner party. I’ve no doubt that she probably has similar misgivings about this contributor’s cynical and apparently negative outlook and although I do try to maintain a balanced view for the sake of my blood pressure I have to admit I struggle to accept the other side of most arguments, usually in their entirety. So, it is with some trepidation that I suggest the phone Pokémon craze is neither harmless nor educational. Encouraging children and ‘kidults’ (I hate that word) to spend even more time tethered to their insular phoneworld while casually killing or exploding creatures or whatever, has, in my opinion, totally negative consequences for everyone but particularly worrying for me is the way this sinister twaddle desensitises us to violence, execution and easy death. Harmless electronic slaughter…I think not.

And finally, My Life. Again, my thoughts have turned to the potential outcome of a dinner party with Aasma and Hubby and the dangerous possibilities of both herself and Sarah J ganging up on me. Aasma’s column last week left me with a proper dilemma. As a dyed-in-the-wool advocate of free speech it upsets me to read of aggressive racial abuse being dished out to anyone but writing it up so personally had extra impact. Half of me would have these creeps banged up and the other half believes that laws banning what you say and think could represent the tip of a very slippery slope down to a place where we are not allowed to have our own opinions. It’s a tricky one Aasma…can’t say I’m happy with either option. Any ideas?