Big Eye, August 30, 2016

Woman paying for groceries at supermarket checkout PPP-150715-154747001
Woman paying for groceries at supermarket checkout PPP-150715-154747001
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If there’s one thing that will guarantee to aggravate me to the point that I’m best left to sulk in my man cave, its disloyalty. The concept of loyalty has different meanings for us all. Whether it’s a blind and unfathomable devotion to a football team based on the other side of Europe or an unwavering crush on the uncomfortably odd musical peculiarities of The Bay City Rollers I have to say I have a grudging admiration for anyone who persists in sticking to their guns..even in the face of public mockery. But sometimes you can lose more than your self-respect!

Supermarkets love it if you remain wedded to their offers and will reward you with vouchers or cash discounts to keep you in the tribe. But competition being the way it is there is always the constant temptation to look elsewhere for cat food or rice pudding and the greedy lure of the BOGOFs keeps us all teetering on the edge of going over to the ‘other side’.

As a nation we are inclined to stick with the devils we know and this loyalty to certain businesses is proving to be costing us dear. When was the last time you reviewed your utility bills? A year ago? Two? Surveys suggest that far too many of us can’t be bothered and find the whole process a terrible fag and so you let it roll, telling yourself “it’s probably only pennies anyway”. You are an energy company’s dream! The people they value most are saps like you who cough up every month and pay over the odds! You’re keeping shareholders happy and subsidising those who shop around and use the comparison websites to get their bills cut by up to 25% and more sometimes. You’ve seen the adverts..try it!

Banks are another bunch of diddlers who are really chuffed that you remain loyal and don’t interfere with their cosy relationship with your dosh. Although they seem like the nicest people in the adverts, they aren’t that nice. While they’re gently stroking your bank or building society account every month they’re out there offering hundred pound notes bribes to their rivals’ customers in the hope of sucking their accounts into the vaults of the Turpin Building Society. Your reward for loyalty is absolutely nothing, zilch, diddly-squat.. while they invest a chunk of your money to buy your neighbour’s loyalty with special offers and cash deals and low interest rates on new mortgages, while you’re paying top-dollar every month like a lamb to the slaughter.

It’s a slap in the face isn’t it? Your gas and electricity supplier is taking you for a ride and your bank regards you as prime sucker material just because you remain loyal. So what are you going to do about it? I’ve found the first thing to do is ring them up and have a chat. If that doesn’t work you’ll find their rivals are desperate to sign you up. Don’t feel disloyal…..they started it!