Big Eye, December 13, 2016

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Well, it’s another nippy Tuesday morning in sleepy old England and as far as many of us are concerned (unless you’re still banging a Brexit/Bremain drum) nothing much has changed over the past week or so. But you’d be very wrong! Something utterly fundamental to our human rights as individuals has been filched from us. It has been done with such stealth and with so little opposition that barely a squeak has emanated from even the most vociferous protectors of our personal freedoms. What am I wittering about? The Investigatory Powers Bill. This has passed scrutiny by the House of Lords and is now bumbling down Whitehall’s labyrinthine corridors to receive Royal Assent and bingo! We’re all another step down the road towards total interference in every aspect of our lives by government spies.

Big Brother is always trotted out as the iconic and emotive epithet to cover all aspects of state meddling in our lives and on this occasion it seems more appropriate than usual. This new, oddly couched bill is being insinuated onto the statute books under cover of darkness and the Brexit Hoo-ha! If there’s ever been a better opportunity ‘decoy’ for this wicked little bill to be passed, it has to be while our eurohysterical parliament continues with its current obsession.

This bill deliberately contains evasive and open-ended words to enable the creepy spy people to interpret the legislation to enable them to maintain and increase their opportunities to control and poke their noses into your personal and private lives without your permission. Whether you’ve been naughty or not, we’re all fair game now *.

The powers they’ve given to the security services under this snoopers charter allows them full access to every piece of data generated by your phone, mobile computer, desktop at home or at work. And if they can’t access it by dropping some spy software into your home they have also legally compelled your ‘provider’ of internet and phone services to hold records for twelve months in case they want to catch you out in some way. It is described as one of the most invasive and powerful pieces of spy legislation inflicted upon any country in the free world.

The fact that this kind of interference goes on without you being aware makes it all the more insulting as you’d imagine a Government that allegedly supports human rights and gets all indignant about dictatorships and despots would be hypersensitive to an individual’s right to privacy. Well they don’t give a damn! “An Englishman’s home is his castle” was once a basis of our society and something we fought to protect, but you can forget it now. Teresa May’s gang can pick your cyberlock and grub about in your filing cabinets or knicker drawers whenever they fancy it. And you’re powerless to stop them.

*And just in case you’re wondering, our self-serving MPs managed to successfully object to one feature of the new Bill…These new investigatory powers DON’T include them!